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A New Multi-Objective Optimization Method Based on Genetic- Fuzzy Algorithm and its Application in Induction Motor Speed Control (6021 Views)
Estimating High Cycle Fatigue Lifetime using Chaboche-Lemaitre Damage Model (5739 Views)
Space Vector Modulation Based on Classification Method in Three-Phase Multi-Level Voltage Source Inverters (5683 Views)
Vibration Control of Structures using Vibro-Impact Nonlinear Energy Sinks (5581 Views)
New Mathematical Model and Algorithm for Economic Lot Scheduling Problem in Flexible Flow Shop (5567 Views)
حل تحلیلی ارتعاشات عرضی یک تیر اویلر- برنولی کامپوزیتی با چندین جرم متمرکز (5539 Views)
Comparison between Isogeometric Analysis and Extended Finite Element Methods in Discontinuities Modeling and Stress Intensity Factor Calculation (5475 Views)
Effect of Limestone Powder on Compressive Strength of Concrete Containing Silica Fume and Optimization of Mix Design Using Response Surface Method (5432 Views)
Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Structures using Modified Weighted Simulation Method (5410 Views)
Bending-Unbending Analysis of Anisotropic Sheet under Plane Strain Condition (5319 Views)
Processing of Low Grade Fine Manganese Ore Using Flotation Method (5286 Views)
Shake Table Study of Soil-Structure Interaction Effects on Seismic Response of Adjacent Buildings (5279 Views)
Study of Energy Dissipation in Accordion Thin-Walled Tubes under Axial Cyclic Loads (5217 Views)
Development of Fragility and Reliability Curves and Seismic Vulnerability Evaluation of Talehzang Concrete Bridge (5171 Views)
Robust Nonlinear Control of Missile Longitudinal Dynamics in Presence of Unmatched Uncertainty (4999 Views)
Geotechnical Interaction of Piled Raft Foundations: Two Case Studies (4949 Views)
Study on Reduction of Energy Consumption of Household Refrigerators-Freezers (4949 Views)
Practical Implementation of Scalar and Vector Control Methods on a Rotor Surface Type Permanent Magnent Synchronous Machine Drive/System Using a PC (4947 Views)
Effect of Reduced Frequency on the Unsteady Aerodynamic Performance of a Wind Turbine Blade Section (4945 Views)
Material and Geometrical Nonlinear Analysis of Structures Using Improved Applied Element Method (IAEM) (4941 Views)
Tracking Control of Uncertain Non - Iinear MIMO System Using Modified Sliding Surfaces for Attitude Large Maneuver of Satellites on Orbit (4928 Views)
Reactive Power Pricing in an Open Access Environment Considering Combined Optimum Voltage Profile and Voltage Stability (4862 Views)
Tribological Behaviour of Fe-Al Intermetallic Compound Coated Carbon Tool Steel (4804 Views)
Mathematical Modeling of Contaminated Soil Bioremediation Bases on Convection Dispersion Phenomena (4754 Views)
A New Guidance Method for Surface to Surface Ballistic Missiles without Mandatory Engine Cut-Off (4716 Views)
Forward Kinematics Solution of Stewart-Gough using Improved Hybrid Strategy (Neural Network and 3rd-order Newton-Raphson) (4634 Views)
Study of Anatase-to-Rutile Phase Transformation in Milled and Unmilled Samples (4630 Views)
Longitudinal and Transversal Vibration Response of Beams by Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA) (4599 Views)
Determination of Tafel Constants from Polarization Curves and Calculation of Steel Corrosion in High Electrical Resistivity Media such as Concrete (4589 Views)
Structural Damage Detection using Frequency Response Function Index and Surrogate Model Based on Optimized Extreme Learning Machine Algorithm (4582 Views)
Two-Dimensional Boundary-Conforming Orthogonal Grids for External and Internal Flows Using Schwarz-Christoffel Transformation (4579 Views)
Comparative Study of Laminar Convective Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of Nanofluids through Curved Geometries (4575 Views)
Numerical and Analytical Study of Natural Dry Cooling Tower in a Steam Power Plant (4533 Views)
Evaluation of Earth Dam Behavior against Earthquake with respect to Dam Height and Constitutive Model of Dam Materials (4492 Views)
Numerical Study of Viscous Dissipation and Roughness Effects on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannels using Perturbation Method (4472 Views)
Experimental Investigation of Behavior of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) (4463 Views)
A New Implicit Dissipation Term for Solving 3D Euler Equations on Unstructured Grids by GMRES+LU-SGS Scheme (4385 Views)
Yarn Tension along Cone Winding using a Controlling Loop (4363 Views)
Computation of Trigonometric Functions by the Systolic Implementation of the CORDIC Algorithm (4349 Views)
Grafting of Maleic Anhydride onto Co)propylene-b-ethylene( by Extrusion Process: Measurement of Adhesion to Steel Surface (4311 Views)
Analysis of Thin Isotropic and Orthotropic Plates with Element-Free Galerkin Method and Various Geometric Shapes (4309 Views)
Evaluating Weld Magnification Factor in Welded Tubular Joints Using Artifitial Neural Networks (4305 Views)
Analysis of Various Inflow Turbulence Generation Methods in Large Eddy Simulation Approach for Prediction of Pollutant Dispersion around Model Buildings (4300 Views)
Vibration and Stability of Axially Moving Plates by Standard and Spectral Finite Element Methods (4297 Views)
Analytical Investigation of TADAS Damper Applied in Seismic Rehabilitation & Design of Concrete Structures (4290 Views)
Effect of Using Evaporative Condenser Instead of Air Condenser in Window-air Conditioners (4246 Views)
Simulated Annealing Approach for Solving Bilevel Programming Problem (4234 Views)
Optimization of Cathodic Protection on Offshore Structures (4231 Views)
Batch Scheduling in Flexible Flow Shop (4218 Views)
The Effect of Mechanical Anisotropy and Heterogeneity of Shear Strength Parameters of Soils on Drained Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations (4192 Views)
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