With the scope of disseminating the original findings of scholars and students in engineering and technology in Persian (Farsi), the Journal of Computational Methods in Engineering was originally founded on 1982, under the name of “Esteghlal”. In the meantime, the JCME’s editorial board has been endeavoring to improve the quality of the published papers and to preserve the quality criteria of the publications, by conducting meticulous peer review processes, with the help of well-known university professors and other outstanding research centers in the country. In 2008, following the new policy of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran about specializing the published journals in the country, “Esteghlal” journal continued its activity under the name of “Journal of Computational Methods in Engineering” as a “Scientific Journal”. Now, the JCME publishes papers on the development and use of numerical methods in the solution of engineering problems within the following fields and topics:

Applied Mechanics

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid-Structure Interaction

Multiscale Problems

Multi-physics Problems

Numerical Algorithms

Numerical Methods in Nanoscale Problems



The journal intends to publish papers both in English and Persian in near future. The review processes of the papers is expected to be reduced, considering special adopted strategies for receiving and reviewing the papers via the internet.

All academicians are invited to use http://jcme.iut.ac.ir for more information regarding submission of their papers, or to contact JCME office by:

Phone: +983133912877

Email address: jcme@of.iut.ac.ir.

The Journal of Computational Methods in Engineering (Esteghlal) disseminates the findings of scholars/academicians, with current emphasis on Persian speaking ones, in various engineering disciplines dealing with numerical computations. Currently, this journal is being published in Persian and its purpose is to publicize the findings of the studies within the scope of development and application of numerical methods in engineering problems. Focusing on the development and promotion of scientific studies in engineering, along with creating scientific environment for cooperation between scholars, JCME publishes original papers on solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, structures, soil and fluid structure interaction, nanotechnology, and also multi-physical and multi-scales problems after scientific peer reviewing. Taking this into account, the papers submitted to JCME should not be published anywhere else. Exceptions are the papers presented in conferences and scientific communities, which can be published after being accepted through the usual review process of the journal.

It should be emphasized that JCME publishes papers in which numerical methods, including computational algorithms, are developed or modified. A limited number of papers containing exceptional studies using commercial codes, for expressing and interpreting engineering problems, may also be considered for the review process under the name of “numerical experiments in engineering”.

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