The objective of this research is to develop an accurate numerical method to be used in showing the deformation of a liquid fuel droplet in a convective field. To simultaneously solve the internal liquid droplet flow field as well as the external gas phase flow field, a nonstaggered rectangular grid system without any coordinate transformation is used. Transition from the gas field to the liquid field is performed through consistent balancing of kinematic and dynamic conditions at the liquid-gas interface. An implicit fractional step-type method is used to capture pressure and velocity field with proper coupling at low Mach number limit. To show the accuracy of the method, the solution of the driven cavity flow and flow over a solid cylinder is presented. Next, two phase flow field solution of moving and deforming droplet in a gaseous surrounding, with appropriate surface tracking, is presented. While gas Reynolds number and Weber number are shown to play an important role in droplet deformation, liquid Reynolds number and density ratio have no significant effect.

تحت نظارت وف ایرانی