The use of Fe-Al intermetallic compound coatings has been investigated in order to improve the tribological behaviour of carbon tool steel. The coatings were formed by a pack cementation process and subsequently diffusion annealing at 900˚C in an argon controlled atmosphere. The optimum diffusion time was selected on the basis of optimum thickness and tribological behaviour.
The microstructure and the phases developed on the surface were identified by metallography, microhardness, X-ray diffraction (XRD), microanalysis (EDX) and glow discharge optical spectroscopy (GDOS) techniques. Experimental results indicate that a three layer coating is formed on the surface of the aluminized specimens, the outermost layer being identified as Fe2Al5 and the underlying layers as FeAl and Fe3Al. A two layer coating was formed on the surface of the aluminized and subsequently diffusion annealed specimen at the optimum time. The FeAl and Fe3Al have been formed on and below the surface, respectively.
The results from wear testing indicate that these coatings improve the wear and frictional behaviour of carbon steel significantly. The predominant wear mechanisms of diffusion annealed specimens were identified as delamination and oxidative wear.

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