A study for optimizing of siliconizing and borosiliconizing processes on carbon steels has been carried out. The process parameters, i.e, time and powder mixture, were considered for optimization of the case depth, surface quality and the hardness profile.
Time and temperature of the processes were 4 hr and 950˚C, respectively. Powder mixture in siliconizing process was 2.5% ferrosilicon, 2.5% NH4Cl and Al2O3, while the optimum simultaneous borosiliconizing process was obtained in a mixture of 90% boronizing powder and 10% siliconizing powder. These powders had already been optimized, individually. This is a depth of layer of about 150μm and maximum hardness value of 600HV0.1 in siliconized steels, and a depth of layer of about 100μm and a hardness value of greater than 3000 HV0.1 in borosiliconized steels. Microscopical tests by light microscopes, XRD and EDAX analyses indicated Fe3Si and Fe5Si3 phases within the surface layers of siliconized steel, and B(FeSi)3, Fe4.9Si2B, FeSi, FeB and Fe2B phases within the surface layers of borosiliconized steels.

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