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, the effect of curing time and temperature as well as various primers on durability of high density polyethylene on plain carbon steel have been investigated. The aim is to increase adhesion, improve durability and also to produce a defect-free in order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel substrate. For this purpose, after surface preparation and applying a primer (zinc phosphate, polyvinylalcohol, resol, stearic acid, and polyurethane) polymer coating was applied using electrostatic powder coating system. Coatings having 300 µ thickness were produced and then subjected to primary and secondary curing treatments. In addition to adhesion, ductility, and corrosion tests, quality of coatings were studied using scanning electron microscopy. The results obtained revealed that, surface porosity and uniformity of metal/coating interface is a function of curing time and temperature, as well as of the primers used. The best results obtained after curing for 45 min at 230˚C. The effects of primers were as following: no primers

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