A wind tunnel investigation was performed to study the flow field over a 70° swept sharped edge delta wing model at high angles of attack. The experiments were conducted in the subsonic wind tunnel at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology. Velocity profiles have been measured using a special pitot tube and hot wire anemometer at angles of attacks of 10 to 35 degrees and Reynolds numbers between 1.5 to 5´105 over half and a full model. From these studies the shape of the leading edge vortices as well as the turbulence intensity inside the vortices were obtained and analyzed. This study revealed a region of increased velocity highly tubulent flow at the vortex core. As a result, the lift will increase nonlinearly with angle of attack.

Keywords: Leading edge vortex, Turbulence Intensity, Delta Wing, Vortex Bursting, Vortex core


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