An extensive experimental investigation to understand the aerodynamic behavior of wrap around fin (WAF) missile configuration has been conducted. Various tests using at first a standard model (TTCP) in the trisonic wind tunnel of Imam Hossein University has been performed. The tunnel has attest section of 60×60 cm2 and can operate at Mach numbers of 0.4≤M∞≤2.2 and at attack angles of -4˚≤α≤10˚. Experimental longitudinal results are compared with those of NASA and an engineering code. The results for TTCP model are in good agreement. After gaining confidence on the TTCP results, a new model of WAF rocket was designed, built and tested. This paper compares the results of two models tested under the same conditions.

Keywords: Wind tunnel, Wrap around fin, Missile, Balance WAF-TTCP


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