Recently, image processing technique and robotic vision are widely applied in fault detection of industrial products as well as document reading. In order to compare the captured images from the target, it is necessary to prepare a perfect image, then matching should be applied. A preprocessing must therefore, be done to correct the samples’ and or camera’s movement which can occur during the capturing of images. The Radon Transform technique is applied in this study which is inherently invariant to any movement, such as dislocation and rotation which leads to scale changing. According to this technique, simple methods are proposed to determine the degree of movement. Results of computer simulation show the priority of the proposed
method to other techniques. The accuracy of the proposed algorithm is less than 0.1 degree and is applicable to different segments such as texts, tables, drawings, …, which are prepared in different writing languages by different devices such as digital camera, scanner, fax, and printer.
Keywords: Image processing, Image matching, Radon Transform, Skew detection documents, Computer application in industry.


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