Using Electrostatic Spray Coating Technique, Polypropylene Powder (EPD 60R) was applied on carbon steel substrates at room temperature. In order to obtain a uniform coating, steel substrates with powder coatings were heated in a vacuum oven at various temperatures up to 250° C for various periods of time up to 45 min and a pressure of 200 mb. The coatings produced had thicknesses of around 470 microns. In order to modify the chemical structure of this polymer, the powder coatings containing various weight percentages of maleic (anhydride (MA) and a peroxide (TBHP or DCP) were also applied onto the steel substrates under the above conditions. Adhesion strength, wear resistance, and ductility of polymer coatings produced were assessed using ASTM standard methods. Results obtained revealed that the polymer coating containing 5 wt%. MA and 0.1 wt% TBHP had the best mechanical properties. Adhesive strength and wear resistance of this coating were 14.3 kgf and 250.3 cm, at 6 kgf, respectively, under the applied load of 6kg. Results obtained from DSC thermographs and IR Spectroscopy also proved the chemical bond formation (grafting) between the polymer and MA. The mechanical properties of coatings on steel substrate stem from such graftings.


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