In this paper, three-dimensional displacement response of a cylindrical sandwich panel with compressible core under the action of dynamic pulse loading is addressed using the extended high order sandwich panel theory. Also, local dynamic pulse buckling of facesheets is studied by considering the Budiansky-Roth buckling criterion. It is assumed that the sandwich panels consist of orthotropic face sheets and an isotropic viscoelastic foam core layer. The effects of various parameters including the panel span, core and facing thickness, pulse duration and maximum pressure on the non-linear dynamic response and buckling strength of the sandwich cylindrical panel are studied. The results obtained from the present method are compared with finite element solutions using the commercial software ANSYS and those reported in the literature, showing a good agreement. It is revealed that applied core non-linear theory could be satisfactory for the dynamic pulse response of sandwich viscoelastic panels. It is also shown that the pulse buckling strength of panel increases with a decrease of the panel radius or an increase of the panel thickness.


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