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In this research, the free vibration of the joint of two hybrid cylindrical-conical shells have been studied, considering the continuity conditions in the joint of the two shells, based on the first order shear deformation shell theory. The equations of the joint of two shells have been extracted using the Hamilton’s principle, and solved by applying the generalized differential quadrature method under different boundary conditions. Also, hybrid shells are composed of composite layers in the core and two layers of aluminum metal at the top and bottom of the shells. In this study, the Carbon- Epoxy, Glass- Epoxy and Aramid-Epoxy composite materials are used. The results obtained in this research are compared with previous studies, and there is a very good agreement between the results. Also, the effects of cone angle of the conical shell, boundary conditions, volume fraction, circumferential mode, composite materials, variation of length to shell radius and variation of thickness to shell radius, on the natural frequency have been investigated. The results have shown that, with the increase of the cone angle of the conical shell, the dimensionless natural frequency of the joint of two cylindrical- conical shells increased. Also, with increase of the circumferential mode, the non-dimensional frequency of the structure of two joined hybrid shells, first decreased and then increased.


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