Guide for Authors
1. Submission: Papers submitted for publication should describe original work, not previously published elsewhere, totally or partly. Abstract English should be written according to sound grammar and proper terminology. Submission is only accepta­ble via Journal URL:

2. Manuscript must be accompanied by a cov­er­ing letter to the Editor-in-Chief, including ti­tle and author(s) name and undertaking that it has not been published or submitted else­where.

3. The title page of the paper should only con- tain the title, name(s), degree(s) and addresses (Tel, Fax, and Email) of the author(s).

4. The manuscript should include: Title; au­thor(s) name; the Abstract; Introduction; Ma­te­rials and Methods; Results; Discussion; Acknowl­edgements and References.

5. The abstract (no more than 120 words) including Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion followed by 3 to 5 Keywords must be presented. 



Please write your full text in Persian. The full title, abstract and authors’ information should be provided in English as well.

ارتقاء امنیت وب با وف ایرانی